We must develope Education together. Speech to the Ministers of Education. (Click the photo) © Thierry Rambaud
You meet interesting people at these conferences. With Forest Whitakerin (The Last King of Scotland) in Paris. (Click the photo)
Forest Whitaker
Finding solutions requires listening. With Minister Stubb (Click the photo) © MFA
Working with Alex
UN asked me to find solutions to global youth unemployment. Speech for 1600 people in Shanghai (Click the photo)
Peace requires work. As a UN peacekeeper in Africa (Click the photo)
A sport maniac at the end of the world in the northernmost point of Europe (Smile)

How much has been destroyed in the conflict in Syria? My team at @WorldBank has worked tirelessly to provide the answer. By using satellite images and social media analytics, we can track the destruction. It means more people can be helped faster. documents.worldbank.org/curat…

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Engagement Equals Participation
Engagement Equals Participation
Posted on 23/10/2012